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Topic - 'The Gold eEConomy Project'

Some insights on what I am striving to do with whzon.com

The Mission

To Build Social and Economic Network where people can socialize, work, buy, sell and trade goods. A place were the people will be rewarded for their contribution no matter how large or small!

Is it possible to build a social network that actually benefits the members... Where 99 percent of the profits to be had don`t end up in the hands of hand full of people. I think yes, and to test it out I have created whzon.com

Whzon.com has all the tools to allow regular people like you and me to build an online society where everyone gets some benefit from the wealth it creates.

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Article Date Sep 4 2015 02:43:43:000PM
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Here is how it works

Regular Members

Regular members are the consumer... But they also contribute with their likes and shares and posts so they are rewarded a small amount. Not a lot but it will be more then the big sites of today will afford them.

Content Providers

This group will earn more because they are willing to take the time to provide content that brings added value to the network. They will also able to take on assignments to improve the quality of information the site provides to its viewers.

City Tycoons

Tycoons will are the entrepreneurs. They will look after site affairs at the city level they will work with local business to open online store fronts and purchase advertising on the site. They will also monitor content for each city ensuring a rich experience for the members as they travel from location to location on the site.


IDirect.com Inc will provide the management team to deliver the required infrastructure to make sure the web servers and application software are performing.

Will it work? The seed has been planted let see what grows out of it!

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Article Date Sep 4 2015 02:52:08:000PM
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