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Members In Rome

Dorella f - 37 From Rome, Italy

Greeting: I like clean and honest situations�??? ..more

Giuseppe88288 m - 51 From Potenza, Italy
Last Online: Aug 2 2020 03:27:57:700PM

Greeting: Hello, welcome ..more

Mohiuddin mia m - 27 From Rome, Italy
Last Online: Jul 30 2020 11:55:57:923AM

Greeting: I don??t like waiting, I??m so impatient. But I??ll wait forever, as long as I end up with u. ..more

guadagnotuo m - 47 From Novara, Italy
Last Online: Jul 23 2020 01:44:38:073PM

Greeting: Sono imprenditore Online dal 2010, aiuto nel consigliare strumenti e servizi digitali per il proprio Business: Traffico per sito web & blog, social media, Video YouTube - Virtua ..more

aulajha m - 35 From Rome, Italy
Last Online: Jul 15 2020 03:03:15:963PM

Greeting: mencari sebongkah emas ..more

Enzo7977 m - 41 From Magenta, Italy
Last Online: Jul 1 2020 01:39:57:427AM

Greeting: Ciao a tutti ragazzi! ..more

casty m - 50 From Bergamo, Italy
Last Online: Jun 29 2020 01:03:20:317PM

Greeting: Salve a tutti mi felicito di far parte di un grande gruppo,grazie ..more

Murany f - 47 From Rome, Italy
Last Online: Jun 26 2020 04:32:34:897AM

Greeting: Well, I just wanted to quickly say good evening. ..more

JGBMix m - 60 From Monfalcone, Italy
Last Online: Jun 24 2020 12:13:08:883PM

Greeting: Hello to everybody! Un saluto a tutti! ..more

nishaa f - 32 From Lissone, Italy
Last Online: Jun 10 2020 10:44:39:493AM

Greeting: Welcome to all new friends and citizens of monkytalk. Think positive,be positive. stay blessed ..more

Thenx m - 20 From Nettuno, Italy
Last Online: May 12 2020 05:28:37:177PM

Greeting: Hello everyone , i hope i will enjoy browsing trough this site and find people with the same interests. ..more

Hajar97 f - 21 From Rome, Italy
Last Online: May 8 2020 04:59:08:660PM

Greeting: Hii ..more

Agatoshi m - 23 From San Giovanni Lupatoto, Italy
Last Online: May 8 2020 12:59:08:147PM

Greeting: hi ..more

cmax1962 m - 56 From Scandiano, Italy
Last Online: May 5 2020 01:28:42:270PM

Greeting: Ciao a tutti ..more

italyroberto m - 68 From Monselice, Italy
Last Online: Apr 12 2020 10:10:58:927AM

Greeting: Hello everyone, and a big Ciao from Monselice, a medieval village, in Veneto region, Italy north-east. You are welcome here, and happy to offer my free guided tour. ..more

Claude155 m - 40 From Turin, Italy
Last Online: Mar 26 2020 10:07:01:653PM

Carrella m - 37 From Giugliano In Campania, Italy
Last Online: Mar 15 2020 08:14:30:840PM

Greeting: Hello monkey is verygood ..more

Anig f - 45 From Venice, Italy
Last Online: Mar 8 2020 05:29:57:090PM

Greeting: Hello, I`m new here. How does this site works? ..more

luis1986 m - 31 From Rome, Italy
Last Online: Mar 3 2020 01:37:55:433PM

Greeting: salve a tutti ..more

Cartus18 m - 36 From Rome, Italy
Last Online: Mar 1 2020 05:22:01:050PM

Greeting: Salve a tutti ..more

Lorenzof94 m - 27 From Lombardore, Italy
Last Online: Jan 3 2020 10:24:00:957AM

Greeting: Hi my name is Lorenzo a US solder. I`m looking for a good relationship from a female between 20-60 ..more

Ricky1589 m - 30 From Padova, Italy
Last Online: Dec 15 2019 12:20:17:553PM

Greeting: Ok ..more

Da cemist m - 21 From Verona, Italy
Last Online: Dec 8 2019 07:51:15:257AM

Greeting: Hella guys ..more

Lowa Marina f - 32 From Rome, Italy
Last Online: Nov 30 2019 06:16:14:130AM

Greeting: hi how are you ..more

meteora f - 63 From Rimini, Italy
Last Online: Nov 14 2019 09:55:37:500AM

Greeting: Un caro saluto a tutti voi. Eccomi qui, pronta per una nuova avventura, ti unisci a noi???? Un abbraccio. Emilia ..more

Giutar m - 48 From Milano, Italy
Last Online: Oct 24 2019 03:12:02:707PM

Greeting: Nello ..more

Cash94 m - 25 From Caserta, Italy
Last Online: Oct 11 2019 06:30:33:897PM

Greeting: ok ..more

THE RICH m - 35 From Lagosanto, Italy
Last Online: Sep 20 2019 05:38:52:967AM


Kayongo33 m - 30 From Florence, Italy
Last Online: Aug 18 2019 07:56:14:197AM

Greeting: How my friends ..more

Kennascreation f - 31 From Cagliari, Italy
Last Online: Aug 12 2019 12:20:01:500AM

Greeting: Ciao ciao a tutti. ..more

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